Thanks for landing up on our  ABOUT US page.

Well, there is not quite much to tell but we have tried to let you know ABOUT US.

This Site is the result of combined efforts from Md Raza Ali & Md Shahin Akhter Shoaib. We share a common love and passion towards blogging, gadgets and tips & tricks related to it.

Although, both of us share a common ideology and are good in our fields, but we have shared our work as per our qualifications, interests and convenience.

Md Shahin Akhter Shoaib: Mr. Shoaib is the techie & real motivator in our group. Due to his great knowledge in marketing and publicizing the products he chose to work on marketing and publicizing our website on Social Networking Sites and managing revenues and expenses of our site.Having immense experience in blogging, he chose to manage all the technical issues related to our site. He is also the Content Publisher of our Tips & Tricks segment. Mr. Shoaib is behind all the designing works of our site, so he carries a major responsibility to our site.

Md Raza Ali: Md Raza Ali a.k.a Mr. Freak is a fascinator of all cool gadgets and updates related to it. He is quite a geek in our group. Md Raza Ali carries a great knowledge and experience in the field of gadgets. He is the main Content Editor and manages the Gadgets segment of the site. He also share his work on SEO of our website.

Well, that’s all ABOUT US. We can’t say we are a Pro in the field of blogging, as nothing is perfect in this world. We are pretty good learners and keep on learning and moving towards perfection.

We appreciate all comments and suggestions from you guys, and hope you guys to be our regular visitors.