Welcome to The Gadget Freaks Advertisement page, and this page will have all the information which you require to advertise your product on www.thegadgetfreaks.com . If this is your first-visit to this blog, I recommend you to read our About Us page to know about Tech /Website Community, else I have put down some important stuffs below in the introduction section:

Welcome to The Gadget Freaks : Introduction

Hi, We’re Gadget Freaks (Md Shahin Akhter & Md Raza Ali) and the team behind The Gadget Freaks. I along with 2 more people manages The Gadget Freaks, and building a better web every-day. The  Gadget Freaks was started in March 2014 as a hobby blog (Experimental too), and in few months it become one of the popular Indian Tech(Gadget) blog educating users about Gadgets, Latest Technology Devices and Some Blogging Tips. In last months, we have got many testimonials and positive feedback from many peoples, groups and techies around the globe.

 Why Should You Advertise On The Gadget Freaks?

The Gadget Freaks.com is a site created for a large audience targeting Bloggers and Tech Reviews including Gadgets related solutions. So our readers come from a wide range of interests. You will be getting some valuable visitors to your ad, moreover you have a high chance of generating leads from us.

Our site has not completed 1 year also but we have achieved many things. 

  • Our ALEXA traffic Rank is under 17k in India as updated Dec 2014.
  • Majority of our visitors come from Google & Bing Search Engines. Moreover we get good results from Social Networking Sites(Google+,Facebook,Twitter) as well.
  • We are already making affiliate sales via Flipkart, Godaddy and Amazon.
  • More than 60% of our posts are ranked highly on Google

Advertising Banners and Prices:

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Sidebar Ad Middle, Right 300×250 $50
Header Ad(Premium) Top, Right Header 468×60 $75
Leader Ad(Premium) Top of All Posts 728×90 $150

 Note :All the above prices are monthly basis. We use XE.Com For Currency Convertion

If you are interested in advertising with us or if you want to have a negotiation regarding the price then kindly drop us a mail at: mail2gadgetfreaks@gmail.com or Send a Message on Facebook Google+.