AryaMobi back case cover for Spice Mi-506 Stellar Mettl…

spice mobile mi 506 back cover

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INR 295.00

Slim and Non-Bulky Cover with Amazing Grip: If you are looking for a low profile, non-bulky, compact stylish back cover for your mobile, this Aryamobi Back Cover is the perfect fit. You will never feel the phone slipping away and have the primeval fear that the phone is going to fall. Perfect Engineering: It is precision designed with proper cut outs for charging, camera, mic, flash and other ports. Protects from to Scratches & Minor Bumps: This case can protect your phone back from scratches from day to day usage. High Quality Product: Like any other Aryamobi product, this product is made of high quality material and ships only after thorough inspection and quality check. Rest assured, you are assured of a good product, warranty and impeccable Aryamobi after sales support.Universal Back Cover
Slider to take pictures. Slide up to take snaps
Rugged Look
Perfect Grip
In-Built ring to hold phone in finger


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