Best Alternatives for Kik Messenger

Top KIK Messenger Alternatives:

In recent years, KIK has gained so much popularity. The users have grown to love KIK messenger. The reasons are certain for such fame. Such that it provides instant chatting experience. You can send anything using KIK. Whether it is text, audio message or video message and images, etc.

I completely understand you are KIK maniac. But it does not mean you are not allowed to use any other messenger. In the market, plenty of KIK alternatives are available. I have outlined best of them here. So, in case you can’t use KIK. Then you may utilize these alternatives.


By far, iMessage is the top choice as an alternative to KIK messenger. iMessage is best for Apple users. The most appealing thing is the performance of iMessage. Undoubtedly, it works awesome. Unlike KIK, you can use it on your Apple computer. As it automatically sync with Apple devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, iMac and MacBook, etc.

The native Apple application, this feature is a strength as well as weakness. When you own Apple devices, nothing can be better than iMesssage. Otherwise, it’s not a good choice.


Like KIK, Line comes in top messenger list. Over 450 million users are using this application. It is very likely that your friends must be using Line. Or they are atleast familiar with Line.

For me, the most attractive part is that it is compatible with all platforms. Whether you own iPhone, Windows or Android phone, Line will work on every device.

Once you have installed the application, it will automatically get synced with contact list. Line is famous for text messaging. But you can call your contacts with spending a single penny with Line.


I am sure; you are already a Skype user. You must be thinking, is it really a KIK alternative? Answer is “Yes”. Skype can do everything provided by KIK. In fact, its features are much more than KIK. I like the fact that all devices support Skype. Whether it is a smartphone or computer, Skype will work. 70 million users are enough to justify its popularity.


WeChat works pretty much like Line messenger. WeChat is a perfect alternative to KIK. It offers all features that KIK possesses. The unique feature is web client. Although, it can also be used on a computer. But if you are using web client, you don’t have to download the application on PC. With help of the QR code, you can simply sync your WeChat account with web client. So, you cannot ignore this messenger.

So, these are the options in my understanding. If you have any better option, must inform us!


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