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About This Product :
wuw, in accordance with the design philosophy of popularizing elegance to the public, selecting top-class genuine cow leather as raw material, inventively releases the pure handmade genuine leather protective case series, matching with exquisite workmanship and concise style, perfectly presents elegant style, enhancing lasting taste. Less is more, you are worth it!
Genuine handcrafted leather Classic design wallet stand cases..
Well-made of natural Genuine leather. Soft with distressed finishing. NOT the PU leather or plastic, which you can tell from the touch feeling and scent.

Ideal For Connecting to :
Ideal for Connecting to iphone 7

Cleaning and Maintenance :
Avoid rain and pollution
Avoid exposing it under the sunshine or keep it in high temperature for a long time.
Use clean cloth or sponge to blot up water or greases, then make it dry naturally; be sure not to use blower to dry it.
Please put treatment oil on a clean cotton cloth and then evenly wipe it onto the leather surface when make a regular maintenance; do not directly wipe the treatment oil onto the leather.

All Phoenix products are Guaranteed for 3 Month Replacement Warranty.

Why you should Buy Our Product :
Phoenix let you know about the latest trend and as it work on the demand of public, so it’s the best way to look world with new technology.
Phoenix Donate 1% profit to Raise Hands Organization.

A clear, hard polycarbonate back protects the phone without hiding it and an anti-scratch coating helps keep the view of the device crystal clear.
A leather-like front cover protects the larger screen of the new iphone Inside the cover, store a credit card and a license
Credit card/license slot
Protects against scratches front, back and sides
Phoenix products are Guaranteed for 1 Year Replacement Warranty.


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