Canon launches a cloud-based platform for photo storage and sharing

Canon launches a cloud-based platform for photo storage and sharing


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Canon recently launched a cloud-based platform for photo storage and sharing. Canon launched this cloud-based platform service in Europe this week. This cloud-based platform can be accessed for free for its first 10GB of storage. According to Canon, their cloud-based platform service is about managing memories and is a way of helping consumers to keep track of the growing number of images that they are capturing.

Apart from image storage, Canon’s cloud-based platform also provides other special features. Its users can create individual albums and collections and can automatically upload new images to them. You can also tag pictures by location or subject which helps in navigation and easier to search for them in the library. Apart from this there is a timeline feature added too, so that you can track your collections by date and time.


cloud-based platform


This cloud-based platform supports almost all the image formats from any device. But don’t expect it to store other documents except images such as docs or PRFs. In addition, if an image is snapped on a Canon camera, its EXIF data will also be captured so exposure, aperture settings, ISO speed and which model it was captured with.

Canon is also aware of the fact that people nowadays want their pictures shared on the social media, so sharing images on Facebook and Flickr is possible through this cloud-based platform. You can also keep track of comments and likes.

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Similarly, images posted on either social networking sites can be transferred to Irista. This cloud-based platform accepts unlimited image file sizes. So users can upload RAW files captured on a DSLR and any tweaking of images can be done at home or studio wi-fi network as this platform does not offer a smartphone app.

Canon’s cloud-based platform is designed basically to compete with the likes of Flickr and Picasa. Although, this platform is built with both professional and enthusiastic amateur photographers in mind. As Irista puts simplicity ahead of fancy features.

This cloud-based platform provides the first 10GB of storage for free but professionals photographers will have to pay for the extra storage.


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