Dell Rugged Extreme Series Laptop: The tough ones

Introducing the super tough Dell Rugged Extreme Series Laptop: Latitude 12 and Latitude 14


Dell has recently introduced its tough and rugged series of laptops starting at Rs. 2.29 Lakhs. Well we much aware of how delicate are our gadgets these days. One single drop, and your heart starts pounding. For those guys who are in search of an extremely tough and durable laptop, is the new Dell Rugged Series Laptop. The only thing will have to worry about is the cash you need to purchase this super tough laptop.

The new Dell Rugged Extreme Series Laptop includes Dell Latitude 12 and Dell Latitude 14. These laptops are quite similar to its predecessor Latitude XFR D630, which was also known for its durability and toughness. Whether it may be freezing cold or scorching hot, rain or dust, these super tough notebooks will bear it all. The Dell Rugged Extreme Series Laptop (Latitude 12 & Latitude 14) are so tough that they withstand the temperatures ranging from minus 29 degree Celsius to 63 degree Celsius. These notebooks can even withstand impact from a 6-foot drop.

The Dell Rugged Extreme Series Laptop are not only rugged by these notebooks looks stylish too. These notebooks look more like a briefcase that you must have watched in many movies used by military men and other detectives. The latitude 12 has got a swivel screen feature which is not present in Latitude 14.



The Latitude 12 comes with many configuration options to choose. You will get the options for fourth-generation Intel Core i3, i5 and i7 processors which can be used with up to 16GB of RAM. You can choose storage options from 128GB, 256GB and 512GB hard drive options. These notebooks have also got an 8MP rear camera with LED flash. These notebooks come with the customisable RGB backlit keyboard. The Latitude 12 starts at a price of Rs 2, 39,999. While, Latitude 14 costs around Rs 2, 29,999 with almost same features.

Overall the Dell Rugged Extreme Series Laptop are extremely rugged and stylish with great features. Although, the notebooks are not made for everyone. It is more targeted to those people who are always on the move are extremely careful for the data they carry in their notebook. So, you can easily guess, Dell Rugged Extreme Series Laptop is mostly for upper class military men, researchers etc. For more details you can visit Dell’s official site too.

Dell Rugged Extreme Series Laptop




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