Download Torrent Files Easily: For Beginners

Download Torrent Files.

Sometimes talking about super high tricks we may miss to point out some basic things which some people might not able to do properly. Taking an example; some people might even don’t know about how to How To Download Torrent Files. So if you are one of those people, don’t worry! Today I will show you the easiest method to Download Torrent Files.

So guys buckle up and follow these steps below along with the screenshots.

Prerequisites: you have to download a downloader like “Utorrent” first.


1. First, Go open your internet browser and then type address “TORRENTZ.EU“, or you may also click this link

Download Torrent


2. After the page loads completely click on iTorrentz as shown.

Download Torrent

3. Now type your required file you want to download in the search bar. Your file may be a movie, game, book or something else.


Download Torrent Download Torrent

Download Torrent

4. Now your search results will be displayed as per its relevance. Choose the file with highest number of seeders and leechers. The file with highest number of seeders and leechers downloads faster. After that click on desired link to download your file. Here I will prefer “”6


5. So if you too click on “” link then this page will open as shown below.


6. After the site loads completely don’t get tempted to click on “Download button” as these are generally ad buttons tempting you to draw their attention and get you trapped in other pages of advertisement. There will be an option   “Download Torrent ” or “Get this torrent” according to different websites so click on either of the buttons available.

Download Torrent

7. This page will appear next. (Change options as per your choice to Download Torrent )

Download Torrent



8. After you click on Download Torrent your browser will prompt you to open utorrent to download selected file or will open automatically. Then in utorrent start Download Torrent and enjoy.

Download Torrent


If you still have any doubt regarding how to Download Torrent files, feel free to comment us below.


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