eCosmos EC-LNK5 Branded Perfect Fitting High Quality Ul…

transparent mobile back cover

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eCosmos Clear Case Premium Ultra Slim Case fits your Device perfectly and wraps all around edges and back to provides protection in clarity that unveils the phone’s original design. Acting almost as an invisible cloak around your phone, with a scratch-resistant coating, the clear back stays clean an it clearly display’s your device’s slim body. The eCosmos back case follows the screen’s outline, providing protection in all of its edgy design. Active alliance of these features guards your device without losing its edge on style. Provides protection from Scratchs & Dust, Stylish & Clear Case keeps the look of your beautiful Smartphone intact. eCosmos Cases are high quality and gives extra protection from Scratches and accidental bumper. eCosmos Cases & Covers Delivers Everyday Wear And Tear Protection, Maximum Gripability, Minimizes Sliding On Flat Surfaces And Extra Safety Against Smudges, Cracks And Dirt. It’S The Perfect Case For Protecting your precious mobile from all shocks and other elements, While Keeping It As Good As New!Perfectly designed High Quality , stylish material.
It is convenient to carry and it has a great grip.
This case is Fits perfectly from edge to edge of your Smartphone.
This product is best for protecting your mobile from damages, scratches & other depreciation.
Ultra Thin and perfect Fitting


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