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How to earn free talktime on Paytm?

[box type=”download” align=”alignright” ][/box]   Free Talktime can be earned via accumulating minimum Rs 50 worth of points. The following is the process –

1) Earn Rs 10 Talktime points by installing or upgrading to the latest Gaana app (android/iphone) and login via your Facebook account.

2) Earn Rs 20 Talktime points by inviting friends to use the latest Gaana app (android/iphone). Below are the steps your friends must complete –

a) Install the latest Gaana app (android/iphone)

b) Enter YOUR referral code (T8H4PS) on the app’s login screen

c) Log in to the app with their Facebook account.

For each successful invite, you will earn Rs 20 worth of Talktime points. Each user can earn a maximum of Rs 100 by successfully inviting friends (maximum 5 friends) for free talktime on Paytm..

You can track your points by going to Gaana Rewards on the app.

Talktime codes are issued when you reach Rs 50 worth of points and request a coupon from the Gaana Rewards section on the app.

A code will be sent via app notification and email.

free talktime on Paytm








How do I invite more friends on gaana?

Go to the Gaana menu, and click on “invite friends”. Choose any option to invite your friends to Gaana with the preconfigured message. You can also tell your friends to join Gaana using your referral code (available on invite friends page).

To earn Talktime points, your invited friends need to –

1) install the latest Gaana app (iphone/android)

2) on the app login screen, enter your referral code provided

3) login using their Facebook account

For each invited friend who completes these 3 steps, you will be awarded Talktime points worth Rs 20. You need to earn points worth Rs 50 to get a Talktime coupon from us. The coupon is issued as a notification in the Gaana app and also sent via email.

You can track your progress by going to Gaana Rewards on the app.


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