How to get Inbox by Gmail

Inbox starts with an invitation. The fastest way to get Inbox is from a friend, or you can send us an email at

What is Google INBOX?

Google Inbox is an email app by Google for Android, iOS, and Google’s Chrome browser, with other web platforms planned. When the user logs in, Google scans the email account for important and similar information. It then presents what it considers the most important parts of the email first and groups similar emails as “Bundles” that are named by type (e.g., “Travel” or “Updates”). It also converts physical addresses into Google Maps links and airline confirmation numbers into a flight status update.Users can make custom Bundles as they would make Gmail filters, and can specify the time of day to show the Bundle. They can also organize emails with quick actions, such as swiping the screen to the right to archive a message, or swiping left to defer an email for another time. This “snooze” function works similar to that of the Mailbox app.The user can hold their finger on the screen to access bulk actions, like archiving, snoozing, or deleting emails in batches.Mail is displayed chronologically, with newest messages at the top. Emails can be pinned to the top of the screen as a Reminders to-do list.In the bottom right corner of the screen, a red “compose” button shows recent contacts. It does not support Google Apps for custom email domains. Currently, an invitation is required to access this beta-only service.

Inbox is currently available for Android phones (4.1 and up), iPhone (iOS 7 and up) and the Chrome browser on a computer.

How to get an invitation

There are two ways of getting an invitation for Inbox by Gmail:

  • Ask a friend who has Inbox
    People who already have Inbox will get invitations to share with their friends. When you get an invitation from a friend, you’ll be able to start using Inbox as soon as you download the Inbox app onto your phone.
  • Send us an email
    You can request an invitation by sending an email to We’ll add more people to Inbox every week. You’ll get an email from the Gmail team with your invitation.

After you get an invitation

Here’s how you start using Inbox after you receive your invitation email:

  1. Download one of the mobile apps:
  2. Sign in to the mobile app using the account that was invited.
  3. After you’ve signed in on mobile, you can use Inbox on your computer. Go to using Google Chrome.

Send an invitation to a friend

Once you get Inbox, you’ll have invitations to send to your friends. This is how to send an invitation:

  1. Open Inbox.
  2. At the bottom right, go to the Create button .
  3. Choose Invite to Inbox .

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