Moto g tips n tricks: How to take snapshots

How to take a screenshot in Moto g

Moto E

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Moto g is completely blowing away the budget Android smartphone competition with a set of specs that is far in advance of what you can get anywhere else for the same money.

This phone has got some really cool features so we decided to share some tips and tricks related to Moto g.

To take a screenshot on your Moto g simply hold the Power and Volume down keys at the same time. You’ll hear the shutter sound and see an animation that indicates you captured the shot and it will be available for sharing in your notification shade. You can also find your screenshots in a separate folder in the Gallery app.

That’s all of our Moto G tips for now, but we will add more in the future. You may also want to check out our Android Jelly Bean tips , or find out how to reduce your data usage. Got a tip of your own? Post a comment.


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