Lytro Illum : The first light field camera,now refocus pictures after you capture.

Lytro Illum : The first light field camera finally arrives.


Lytro Illum


The new Lytro Illum is ready to revolutionize the camera market. This is the company’s big leap in the field of pro cameras. This is the first light field camera from Lytro. It the same company that brought the concept to the market in the first place with its first light field camera back in 2012, which took more than 20 years to develop. Its great software platform and its superb lens technology will surely aid to the creativity for photography enthusiasts. However, at $1,599 this camera is also going to hurt your pockets too. The camera will go on sale from July.

Having the ability to capture true and lively 3D images that plays endlessly after they are captured. While the Lytro Illum also has the ability to adjust the zoom, perspective tilted, depth of field view and changing focus etc.

The sensor inside the Lytro Illum camera captures the color, intensity, and direction of every ray of incoming light to the camera, which sets this camera much apart from other normal digital cameras. An interesting feature about this camera is that this camera deals with megarays unlike other cameras, which still consider megapixels to woo their customers. These megarays are about 40 millions approximately.


Lytro Illum


The Lytro Illum has an optical zoom range of 8x, a constant aperture 0f f/2.0, and also a high-speed shutter. Moreover, as soon as you take the images, its support software will aid you to view the images in 3D and you can reshape the images in every dimension or you may also create animations. This software platform in the Lytro Illum also makes it easy to users to convert pictures into other standard formats like jpeg. It is also compatible with other applications like Adobe Photoshop. You can also share the living images with others through the Lytro Illum camera. Lytro has already posted a gallery of living images to give consumers some idea ot the capabilities of this camera.

Weighing at just 940g the Lytro Illum is incredibly light and easy in handling but at the same time, it is as powerful as any other DSLR or a medium format camera. The performance of this camera is on par with most of the other mid-to-high spec DSLRs offered by Canon or Nikon.

Though $1,599 might sound like a lot of money  as when some these effects are already available on some top-end smartphones like Nokia Lumia 1020 but the major difference is that those phones use a kind of software tweaks for such effects, whereas Lytro’s product do it for real. Moreover none the less Lytro Illum opens up unprecedented possibilities to push the boundaries of creativity beyond the limits inherent in digital or even film photography.Lytro Illum


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