MacBook Air from Apple now revamped, comes at $100 cheaper with a faster processor

Apple MacBook Air  now revamped, comes at $100 cheaper with a faster processor.


MacBook Air


Apple recently represented a new revamped MacBook Air series with faster processor. In addition, the best news for Apple lovers is that this refreshed MacBook Air comes $100 cheaper than its older version.

However, the spoiler alert for Indians, as of now there is no change in price and configuration in India according to the Apple’s official site of India. The processor is still same with 1.3GHz Core i5 processor. Here the price for the MacBook Air series is still Rs. 67,900 for 128GB and Rs 81,999 for 256GB for its 11-inch model. While, the 13-inch model is still available for Rs 74,900 and Rs 88,900 for its 128 & 256GB variants respectively.


MacBook Air


Now talking about the revamped MacBook Air, The Core i5 Haswell processors of the MacBook Air series will now clock at 1.4GHz unlike the 1.3GHz Core i5 processor in the previous versions. Although unlikely, it still has a 4GB RAM which we would expect to be an 8GB RAM instead. One more thing that you might miss in this MacBook Air series is the Thunderbolt 2 connectivity port, which is available in the MacBook Pro and Mac Pro desktop.

Apart from the hardware tweaks, Apple reduced the new MacBook Air series by $100. Both 128GB and 256GB models will see a price reduced by $100. Therefore, now you can buy the revamped 11-inch model for $899 and the 13-inch model for $999.

Our Indian customers might be cursing themselves, Why this discrimination! Why we have to pay more bucks here? Although good news is, that Flipkart is offering the same models at a lesser price. Flipkart is selling the 11-inch MacBook Air  128GB version at Rs 57,700 and 256GB version at Rs 71,599. In addition, 13-inch  with MacBook Air 128GB and 256GB   variants at Rs 65,000 and Rs 76,800 respectively.

You can Buy Apple MD711HN (11-inch MacBook Air ) or Buy Apple MD761HN (13-ich MacBook Air) from Flipkart.


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