Recover deleted files easily: A beginner’s guide

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Here’s a beginner’s guide to Recover deleted files easily.

Earlier in our recent post we provided you a list of top recovery softwares for windows. Recently myself got a heartache too when all my files got deleted accidentally, and now one of my friends texted me that he’s suffering from same fate too. So as I already tried many data recovery softwares, I found Recuva much better and it is absolutely free. With Recuva you can easily Recover deleted files, images and much more.

Although Recuva provides a very easy interface to Recover deleted files with its Recuva wizard, but for beginners we have provided a step by step procedure with screenshots.

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Step 1. Yes you guessed right, first you have to download Recuva from here. After installing open Recuva, the wizard will offer you easy steps to Recover deleted files. Although if you are not a beginner you can try its advanced panel option for recovery.

Recover deleted files

Step 2. In the next step you will be prompted to select what kind of file you want to recover. Choose according to your requirement to Recover deleted files. Then hit Next button.

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Step 3. Now select the location from where you want to Recover deleted files. For instance, if you want to Recover deleted files from memory card, make sure your memory card is connected to your PC. Then select the option “On my media card or iPod” and hit Next button.

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Step 4. A dialog box will appear as shown below. Make sure you “enable deep scan” and then hit Start button.

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Step 5. You are almost done now. Recuva will start scanning the drive for your deleted files.

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Step 6. After scanning is done to Recover deleted files, you will see a list of files on your drive. Tick the files you want to recover. Hit Recover button now and you are done.

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Step 7. After you hit Recover button you will be prompted to choose the location where you want to store your recovered files.

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[sc:raaa ]

That’s it! You have successfully Recover deleted files.

PS: One more advice; if you can’t find your deleted files you can switch the view tree view from Advanced option.



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