What is a short code on TSU?

What is a short code?

A short code is the most important thing on Tsῡ in terms of building your audience and your social network. We advise you to memorize it.
Tsu.co (the platform) does none of the inviting itself and therefore each user does the onboarding / inviting to the platform. Using a short code is a simple mechanism meaning that the users actually can own the economics of the social part of the platform. The easiest way to invite an audience is sharing your short code on any medium, online or off. The short code format is always ‘tsu.co/YourProfileName’.
For example if your profile name were ‘ABC’ then your short code would be ‘tsu.co/ABC’ and anyone wanting to see your content would just have to click on ‘tsu.co/ABC’ to see it. Any user coming to the site for the first time using ‘tsu.co/ABC’ would be tied to the user named ‘ABC’ forever. This means the new user would be a child in ABC’s Family Tree. Once users are invited to the site for the first time, they are forever tied into the family tree of whoever invited them – thus we recommend only publishing or advertising your own short code and not anyone else’s. You can text, email or use any online social medium to publish your short code to your friends, family and audience. Offline you can publish your short code to onboard your offline audience.

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