Sony Smartwatch 4 Rumors

Sony had a pioneering role in the market of smartwatches. Even before many other companies even came up with the idea of making something like this in early 2012s, Sony already had their first generation of the Sony smartwatch in the market. What’s even better is, they have kept upgrading the generation in the past years without interrupting the flow. We currently have the Sony Smartwatch 3 in market which was showcased in IFA 2014. It’s been a year already and we are looking forward to a newer generation of smartwatch from Sony, the Smartwatch 4.

Release Date & Pricing

IFA 2014 was held on September 3, 2014. This year’s IFA event has already been past and Sony Smartwatch 4 wasn’t unveiled on that event. If the company is to release a new smartwatch anytime soon, the event will most probably take place around November or December; so that the new consumers can start a new year with a new Sony Smartwatch 4.

As far as pricing goes, there wouldn’t be much change with the predecessor’s initial pricing. Sony Smartwatch 4 will most probably come with a price tag of $350 in the American markets; and slightly more or less in the other markets.


Sony Smartwatch 3 had been an excellent smartwatch with very high end hardware and features. The smartwatch was able to perfectly form a connection between itself and the phone. Music playback over Bluetooth headphones, or going out for an intense run leaving the phone behind was easily possible. As the user connects the phone to the Sony Lifelog app after the workout is done; all the fitness data would be synced across all available platforms so there’s no real need for taking out the phone to a workout session.

Same goes with the music playback. Carrying the smartphone around wasn’t anymore required. Just a Bluetooth headphone is all it would take on the go.

All these features are likely to be available on the Sony Smartwatch 4. As addition, the new smartwatch should offer features like an effective heart beat monitor, low power fitness band mode, NFC payment etc.

To make a payment via Android Pay, a smartphone is required as of yet. However, Samsung has imitated the ordinary magnetic strip cards’ payment via their NFC module in the latest Galaxy Gear series flagship devices. All the companies that make smartwatches with NFC could come forward to make this a universal way of payment including Sony. Also, everyone would love the ability to have WiFi connectivity on board without a smartphone.

Hardware wise, we expect the new Smartwatch 4 to have same weather sealing of IP68 rating and the hardware configuration of 1.2 GHz quad core CPU may rise to a higher clock speed with more CPU cores. The Smartwatch 3 had a 512 MB RAM on board; depending on the app platform Sony may even increase this chip to 768 MB or 1 GB.


Sony smartwatches look appropriate and work excellent. The forthcoming Sony Smartwatch 4 is most likely to be a success like all predecessors.


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