Valentines Day Gift Ideas- Top 10 Gadgets To Gift Your Partner

Impress your Geek Partner with these top 10 Gadgets; Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Firstly, a very happy Valentine’s Day to all the viewers of “GADGET FREAKS“. This day is very special for every couple. They express their love and affection for their partner on Valentine’s Day. Many of our readers asked for some advice on Valentines Day Gift Ideas. So here we prepared a list of top 10 gadgets to gift your partnerThis  article is especially for our loyal readers for supporting us and encouraging us to write and share more with them


Valentines Day Gift Ideas #1

TGS Selfie Monopod

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

TGS Selfie Monopod helps you click the same number of selfies as you need from diverse edges. Its flexible ball head and thumb sink of monopod locks helps numerous edge shooting with 180 degree position. The monopod can be reached out to 235 to 1005 mm. It is a metal portable embellishment accessible in numerous shades for simply INR 499 . This is A flawless boon for selfie partners.


Valentines Day Gift Ideas #2

Heart Pendant Pendrive

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

This 8-GB heart shape pendrive pendant is an unquestionable requirement for gems accumulation. It is made of stainless steel with installed crystals,it is water, sand and sweat resistant. Lives up to expectations with PC, Mac and Linux. Accessible for INR 1,099 makes an impeccable to blessing your mate this Valentine.


Valentines Day Gift Ideas #3


Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Digits are smaller than expected conductive pins that get joined to your hand gloves and help you utilize electronic touch screen gadgets. They are made of conductive silicone, with a metal stick on the over for connecting to your glove. They come  in packs of four. The gloves will keep you warm and the digits will keep you joined with your friends and family. One sets is accessible for INR 1,265


Valentines Day Gift Ideas #4


Valentines Day Gift Ideas

This hip music framework is a Bluetooth DIY programmable MP3 moving robot.The speakers come in two colors , highly contrasting, and have a Piano veneer lodging case. It accompanies 1.0″ LCD show and has an inherent 4GB memory. The speaker force is 1.5Wx2 with a recurrence scope of 20Hz to 20KHz. One of the astonishing peculiarities of this device is that you can program your own move movement designs on it. The device costs INR 1990


Valentines Day Gift Ideas #5

Lenovo N5901 Wireless Keyboard

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

The Lenovo N5901 Wireless Keyboard is a smaller than usual console with a scope of 10 meter and QWERTY setup. This keyboard is ideal for home theater frameworks, PCs, mixed media PCs and office frameworks. It accompanies a trackball that works like a mouse and permits you to control the operations with an ease.It costs INR 2200 and could make the ideal blessing for your quirky accomplice.


Valentines Day Gift Ideas #6

Lamp Power Bank

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

It’s  actually a 7800 mAh minimal Power Bank and Camping Lantern in one. Outdoors light can be utilized both as an electric lamp and an outdoors light. 2 Watt LED light gives more than 100 hours steady lighting.Four little LEDs caution you about the remaining limit of the device. It’s a pretty cool gadget and your Geek partner will undoubtedly love it. It is available in market for around INR 2,999.


Valentines Day Gift Ideas #7

Silver 4GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Let innovation adorn the class of your partner.These tasteful pair of silver sleeve fasteners convey a 4GB USB Flash Drive. The peculiarity useful device fills its utility need with style. Since the contraption is wearable, one can undoubtedly convey all the essential records along, wherever one goes. These stylish little cuties will cost you around INR 4351.


Valentines Day Gift Ideas #8


Valentines Day Gift Ideas

The Everpurse is actually a satchel. It would appear that a huge measured, smooth wallet and too fills the need of a consistent tote yet just with an improved peculiarity  a remote cell phone charger. It is intended to keep ladies joined with design, and innovation in the meantime. She should simply, put her cell phone in the pocket inside the purse which is a dock, and let it charge naturally.

This could basically be the ideal blessing for your woman this Valentine’s. You can buy the Everpurse for INR 6777. Though the cost is bit high and may request a bit more from your pocket, however would it be able to be justified, despite all the trouble? And no doubt your lady is going to love this unique gift from you.


Valentines Day Gift Ideas #9

GoPro Hero

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

GoPro Hero is a top notch individual cam, regularly utilized as a part of compelling activity feature photography. It is lightweight, reduced and can be worn or mounted on vehicles. It catches still photographs or feature in HD through  a wide point lens. Takes a shot at Lithium particle batteries, and is accessible for INR 12,200. Could be an incredible present for the tech shrewd explorer in your life


Valentines Day Gift Ideas #10

Denon DP29F Mini Turntable

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

This could be the best pick for your music sweetheart accomplice. This small scale Turntable is cinch determined with telephone preamplifier. It could be connected to any collector’s simple line -level info. This robotized framework begins playing with simply a push of a catch , and incorporates DSN-82 moving magnet cartridge. This will cost you INR 12,750.

So, that’s all for Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas. You can buy any of these gadgets to impress your partner and show your love for him/her. And don’t forget to encourage us with your comments and shares. Cheers!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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