WhatsApp vs Telegram: Which one should you choose?

Is there a need to switch from WhatsApp to Telegram?


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These days there are already a number of instant messaging apps such as Hike, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Snapchat etc. Among them WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular messaging app with around 450 million active users. And each year a million new users are getting added to this number. But, over the time WhatsApp is losing its charm and added to it some glitches and security concerns many people are now migrating to other messaging apps like Telegram. Telegram is a new messaging app just like WhatsApp with more features and reliability. So we decided to bring out a contest “WhatsApp vs Telegram”, and let’s see who wins!

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Similarities

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Well there are many similarities between WhatsApp and Telegram. Just like WhatsApp, Telegram also uses your phone number as identification. In both these apps you can chat with groups, share pictures and videos. Even the UI of both apps are almost same.

Now let’s see the differences between WhatsApp and Telegram

WhatsApp vs Telegram

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Telegram is free

Yes you heard it right, Telegram is free while on the other hand WhatsApp is paid. Although, Telegram will ask you for some donations but its totally ad free. WhatsApp too is an ad free network but under Facebook, we can never be sure about it.

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Telegram is faster than WhatsApp

Yes some of you might not agree with this but trust me Telegram is faster than WhatsApp. Considering the fact that WhatsApp is getting slower with each and every update, makes my point strong enough.

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Telegram let’s you send documents 

In Telegram you can also send your documents like .pdf, .doc etc which is not possible in WhatsApp, where you can only send pictures, voice and videos.

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Telegram is more secure and let you chat secretly

This is the biggest advantage of using Telegram over WhatsApp. This app allows you to send end to end encrypted messages with self- destruct feature. All you have to do is “go to Contacts-> New Secret Chat, then select your contact and start chatting securely.

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WhatsApp vs Telegram: Desktop App feature

Unlike WhatsApp which has a closed system, Telegram has an open API. Which means that there are lot of interesting chat clients on Telegram. This means you can finally use an IM client that’s just as fast on the desktop as it is on your phone.

WhatsApp vs Telegram: Telegram promises you a more reliable platform

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram is heavily encrypted and much secure. No one is indexing your data here.


Well that’s all about the new Telegram, please comment below which messaging app you use and why?


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